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We develop complex Web projects, online video services, mobile applications, and TV widgets. Our developers are eager to ensure the high quality of your Internet projects and advise your staff to achieve the best results. We have a sound expertise in C/C + +, PHP, Java, Perl, JavaScript, ActionScript, Flash/Flex, HTML, CSS — and all video related technologies.

Online Video Portal Blog E-mail

We create unique online video portals based on a variety of business models. Our expertise allows us to solve all the technical issues related to launching an online business from scratch. With the current rate of technological innovation, an experienced team of experts can drive your quality offer to market without a long learning curve on rapidly aging technology.

Video Platform E-mail

Our video content delivery system enables video streaming based on HTTP Dynamic Streaming, RTMP Adaptive Streaming, and HTTP Progressive Download. Our video platform includes load balancer software enabling intelligent distribution of viewers across nodes to maximize the viewing experience.

Our Expertise E-mail

We have participated in many complex online video projects and we really enjoy creating new and exciting services. We invite you to explore our portfolio and demo pages containing examples of our products and solutions.