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We create unique online video portals based on a variety of business models. Our expertise allows us to solve all the technical issues related to launching an online business from scratch. With the current rate of technological innovation, an experienced team of experts can drive your quality offer to market without a long learning curve on rapidly aging technology. This is especially true for multi-platform video technologies, such as PC, Web, Android, iOS, TV / STB.

Video service consists of a large number of interrelated systems: content processing, content protection, content delivery, billing and payment systems, ad server, content management system and the Web site. All systems must be tightly integrated and ensure stable operation under a heavy load. Therefore, they require a high level of developer expertise and thorough video service design. While creating a video portal, we use most common and efficient programming languages (PHP, C + +, Java). Our expertise in high load optimization will allow you to boost your video service performance without the need to modify the architecture of the developed software.

The most important part of any video service is the user interface. Its beauty, interactivity and usability are critical to ensure attractiveness of your service. When developing applications, it is important to factor-in the specifics of particular devices it will run on. This helps us to ensure the best viewing experience. We are familiar with the characteristics and technical limitations of many devices and GUI technologies. So in creating graphical interfaces we use the tools of choice ensuring the best target results: Adobe Flash, HTML5 / CSS3, Java (Android applications), Objective C (iPad/iPhone applications).

Having completed the development tasks, we deliver to our customers detailed technical specifications for the developed software and sufficiently commented source code.