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Video Platform


Our video content delivery system enables video streaming based on HTTP Dynamic Streaming, RTMP Adaptive Streaming, and HTTP Progressive Download. Our video platform includes load balancer software enabling intelligent distribution of viewers across nodes to maximize the viewing experience.

Video Service Platform

There is a variety of options to deliver video content. You can employ a CDN provider, professional video hosting or build your own video platform. The latter option offers the highest cost-efficiency, though it involves a lot of overhead expenses. Owning a video platform is suitable for small projects (flexibility and financial independence) and major projects (cost-efficiency and expanded functionality).

The benefits of owning a video platform

  • Unlimited capabilities of statistics and analysis
  • Maximum flexibility in implementing of additional functions
  • Your own video platform may be a data source for CDN providers
  • Pay only for hardware collocation and Internet channels
  • Flexible control over video platform size.

The only limitation to your own video platform is the need to maintain experienced staff, but we can take care of this.

Video Platform Functionality

Our video platform is built on open source and popular products, such as Adobe Flash Media Server, Apache HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, NGINX. We support VOD and Live streaming to a wide range of devices: PCs, Smartphones, Tablet PCs, and TVs.

The video platform includes a high-performance software load balancer to distribute RTMP and HTTP requests for video content. The balancer enables content aware load balancing to distribute users between video servers.

Using our intuitive administration GUI, you can manage your video platform on the fly and view content delivery statistics.

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