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We develop complex Web projects, online video services, mobile applications, and TV widgets. Our developers are eager to ensure the high quality of your Internet projects and advise your staff to achieve the best results. We have a sound expertise in C/C + +, PHP, Java, Perl, JavaScript, ActionScript, Flash/Flex, HTML, CSS — and all video related technologies.

To our customers, we offer a choice of payment options:

  • Rate based payment - we provide software development and system administration services at a common rate of $50 per hour. Task tracking and work hours registration are ensured by the trouble-ticketing system. This is most convenient to ensure the highest cost efficiency of the project budget.
  • Fixed cost of the project. Based on the discussions with the customers, we develop detailed technical specifications, get customer approval and estimate implementation complexity. This is convenient to ensure precise financial planning.

Here are the benefits of outsourcing software development and system administration to DENIVIP Media:

  • You do not need to conjure up interesting tasks to retain talented developers
  • You pay for the actual working hours rather than wasted time
  • Complex technologies require a long learning curve. Our experts are already pre-trained.
  • We gain end-to-end insight into all the related technologies and products available in the market and help you select the best technical solution.
  • We prepare detailed documentation and provide extensive comments in the source code, so that several employees (including your people) can work on the project
  • We develop advanced software and sophisticated Web projects because we really love it, not because it's our work.

Please feel free to contact us and request a preliminary quotation for your project.