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Technical Support


Using our technical support and system administration service, you will expand your team with our highly responsible engineers focused solely on the online video projects and ensure high quality and prompt solution to complex technical issues. We provide technical support 24x7 and 8x5.

Expert services are often needed at improper time. Still, ensuring of constant availability of technical experts for rare, but very urgent tasks is usually very expensive. For this case technical support outsourcing is a perfect choice. Our system administrators and engineers will ensure your project with quality technical support and fast response time.

We offer support services in the format required for your project: 8x5, 24x7, etc. To match your project requirements, we provide a detailed SLA. When accepting your hardware and software for technical support, we perform audit and offer options for improvement.

We have a sound expertise in:

  • Web servers: Apache , lighttpd, nginx
  • MemCached
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Node.js

Under the project, we usually optimize system configuration of:

  • Disk I/O, block devices, RAID, SCSI and SSD devices
  • OS kernel
  • Network I/O and TCP/IP stack.

We have a sound expertise with the following hardware:

  • Oracle (Sun) / NetApp Storage
  • Oracle (Sun) / HP / Dell Servers.