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Web Infrastructure


We offer hardware solutions to enable your Web projects with efficient computing power. Fine-tuning of your hardware and system software lay the foundation for video service reliability. We carry out works to ensure stable operation of your infrastructure to meet the SLA on 8x5 or 24x7 basis.

Our expert team of engineers and system administrators will help you make the most of your hardware, system and application software. If your new service is in the design phase, we will help you choose the optimum configuration for your hardware. If needed, we can deliver and install the hardware to meet your needs.

We have a sound expertise in:

  • Sun / Oracle, EMC, NetApp data storage
  • Sun / Oracle, HP servers
  • Cisco load balancing hardware and networking equipment
  • Linux, Windows and standard system modules of various operating systems
  • Basic Web services: NGINX, Apache, Fast CGI, Memcached, MySQL, TomCat, Redis.