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AVideo Player


Avideo player is the only cross-platform video player optimized for the most popular devices, such as PCs, smartphones, tablet PCs and TVs. AVideo player accounts the specifics of different platforms and input devices. By optimizing player interface to specific devices, you can ensure the best video content viewing experience.

Having developed dozens of video players for multiple platforms and devices, we have created a player combining all of our expertise and the most convenient features. AVideo player has been optimized for personal computers, smartphones, tablet PCs and TVs. The player takes advantage of each platform and is adapted to the specific control device: mouse, fingers or remote control.

AVideo player features a single design that can be customized for different platforms:

With AVideo player, you will add video playback to your projects in the shortest terms, pushing your applications and Web content to a broad range of devices.

Most important features:

  • Cross platform implementation optimized for devices and platforms
  • Video Analytics support (Google Analytics and Adobe SiteCatalyst)
  • Content Load Balancing support
  • Video continuity support (resume playback on any platform from the moment you were interrupted)
  • In page and full screen modes support
  • Volume and brightness control
  • Open source and free for non commercial use