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Video CMS


Video CMS is an online video Content Management System that allows you to manage different copyright holders and their content (access rights, digital content store layouts, content preparation processes). Also, you can manage users and their purchases, and look-and-feel of your online video service.

As a rule, video content management is quite diverse from the standard content management practices. Video solutions have a lot of specifics. Moreover, video CMS is highly dependent on the business model of the project, partnership specifics and even video display features. Our multi-year expertise in online video services allows us to create unique, effective video management systems tailored to our clients' projects.

Video CMS basic features are:

  • Management of content units
  • Management of content distribution rights
  • Management of business models
  • Management of display rules and graphical user interfaces
  • Content preparation process management
  • Management of users and permissions
  • Playlist management.

Your online business is unique, so to manage it efficiently a popular content management system is definitely not enough. Please contact us and we will help you facilitate management of your online business.