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Rhozet Carbon Server

Rhozet Carbon Server is an industrial server for video content transcoding. It will prepare high-quality video content for you in a fast and reliable manner, offering optimal settings for end user devices. DENIVIP Media is Harmonic’s authorized partner in Russia. We create high-performance content processing farms based on Harmonic Rhozet software. Harmonic flagship product, Rhozet Carbon Server is an industrial server for content transcoding, which allows you to handle almost any video formats (containers, codecs) and generate a large number of video profiles for different devices. This is particularly practical if you receive a variety of video files from content rights holders and need to prepare them automatically to fit all end user devices. Rhozet Carbon offers a very flexible XML-based API to automate the workflow and integrate content processing in virtually any control system. In contrast to open source solutions, Rhozet already contains the logic of distributed transcoding (i.e., allocation of tasks to agents), it is more stable and can handle more formats. However in some cases using ffmpeg or other tools may also be justified.