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OpenX Ad Server

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OpenX is one of the most popular open source ad servers that will allow you to implement your unique advertising formats and business models. With our improvements, the server has substantially gained in performance, statistics and reporting.

OpenX is one of the most popular and feature-rich open-source ads management solutions. It offers many benefits compared to other solutions. It saves you the cost of banner display and offers unlimited functionality. You can quickly add needed functionalities anytime. This feature is most valuable for unique or unprecedented projects.

Мы предлагаем:

  • OpenX installation and optimization to meet your needs and maximize performance
  • OpenX ad server integration into your infrastructure: for example, ads targeting based on shopping history
  • Customization of existing and adding of new reports to OpenX
  • Adding new business models to OpenX
  • OpenX administration and monitoring

Please contact us to find out how OpenX can benefit you.