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How to Monetize Content

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Монетизация контента является одной из основных задач при создании видео сервисов. Решение позволит реализовать вам разные бизнес модели: реклама, оплата за просмотр (pay per view), подписки с разными тарифами. Важной частью решения является система финансовой отчетности.

Our content monetization solution is built on the OpenX open source product. We have substantially enhanced the OpenX ad server for heavy load and added targeting by user profiles and viewed content. The settlement automation system supports payments to copyright holders for content displaying your ads. In addition to the ads based monetization model, you can implement more complex models of revenue sharing between your site and the copyright holder. If needed, we can provide integration with the corporate Management Information Systems (for instance, 1C).
The solution includes a billing module that supports, in addition to ad-based model, also Video on Demand (VOD) and subscription based access. The system can enable flexible video content revenue sharing between all partners. The content monetization solution architecture allows for distribution of modules between hardware to ensure high fault tolerance and load sharing.

All partners and employees are granted dedicated access to the monetization GUI to configure the solution and retrieve financial reports. The access to reports and settings is granted based on user roles. Here are the typical user roles: Administrator, Advertising manager, Financial Analyst, Copyright Holder, and Advertiser. For specific roles, ad hoc reports can be created.