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Adobe Flash Media Server

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Adobe Flash Media Server is the most reliable media server offering an optimal set of features for online video projects. Flash Media Server will allow you to stream your video content in all popular video formats, providing high reliability under high loads.

Flash Media Server allows you to solve several problems:

  • Ensure high performance in streaming of Live and VOD content via RTMP / RTMPE and HTTP Dynamic Streaming protocols
  • Enable server side for interactive applications, with multiuser support

Using of RTMPE video streaming for premium content delivery has been approved by the majority of copyright holders. Using Flash Media Server, you can create interactive and easily scalable multimedia applications. Most video platforms worldwide are built with the Adobe technologies.
Here are the benefits of Adobe Flash Media Server:

  • An industrial high-performance solution
  • Flexible integration and business logic support capabilities
  • RTMPE streaming protection approved by the major studios
  • Support for HTTP Dynamic Streaming
  • Support for the Adobe Flash Access content protection
  • Ease of scalability.

Adobe Flash Media Server is available in several versions to support different business models: from the free developer version with limited performance to the Amazon cloud version with traffic-based or processing power based pay model. If you need help in selecting Flash Media Server, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you about the key features and select your solution of choice to fit your needs best.