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Our DRM solution is based on Adobe Flash Access 2.0 to provide the required level of protection of video content on most Adobe Flash enabled devices. The proposed DRM solution has been approved by all the major studios. It will allow your service to distribute most valuable content over the Web. While designing a new online video service, customers always face the necessity to secure their video content. If a video service consumes premium video content from major studios, the presence of an approved DRM system is mandatory. In the shortest timeframes, we will help you:
  • To protect your video content and to prepare a technical specification of your DRM implementation
  • To automate protection of received content
  • To ensure the delivery of encrypted video content to users
  • To integrate your DRM solutions with your video service business logic.
When choosing a DRM vendor, it is critical to consider the following points:
  • Convenience of your video service to end users
  • Supported platforms and end user devices
  • Approval of video content copyright holders
  • Technological complexity and developer availability on the market
  • Availability of local partners and consultants.
At each point, Adobe Flash Access 2.0 offers advantages over alternative solutions. DRM systems designed to distribute content over open Internet channels often pose a significant obstacle for the users wishing to use the video service. Most DRM solutions require installation of additional modules and plugins on enduser devices. The installation process often requires administrator’s rights and advanced expertise of the user. Hence this poses a serious barrier to video service growth. The solution based on Adobe Flash Access 2.0 allows to implement a highly user-friendly interface without any system administration skills needed. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is used by more than 90% of Internet users. The largest copyright holders have approved the use of DRM solutions based on Adobe Flash: Adobe Flash Access 2.0 with RTMPE / SWF-Verification (Adobe Flash Media Server). Adobe Flash is a technology designed to overcome the issues of platform heterogeneity and Web application diversity. Adobe Flash DRM natively supports most of the devices available on the market. Adobe Flash Access provides uniform content protection on most devices, which can greatly simplify video platform infrastructure. Adobe Flash is available in all computer browsers on most operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Android devices (smartphones and tablets), and many TV sets. Of course, there are platforms and devices where Adobe Flash is not available. The only alternative is to install additional DRM solutions (e.g., Marlin or Widevine). For example, modern Philips TVs natively support Marlin DRM, and we are the representatives of Marlin in Russia (Marlin DRM is distributed on a SaaS model). Adobe Flash is one of the most abundant Web development technologies. In the labor market, there is an army of Flash developers that can ensure continuous development and support of the project. This way you can avoid lock-in to a team of developers that have been trained abroad on your money.