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Adobe Content Server 4

Adobe ® Content Server 4 is a reliable server solution to protect PDF and EPUB e-books for Adobe Digital Editions and supported mobile devices, including Sony ® Reader. This software can securely integrate with existing systems based on standard technologies. Using Content Server 4, you can host your books and manage them in your current infrastructure. Content Server supports lending libraries and third-party content distribution channels. Here are the highlights of Adobe Content Server 4:
  • Ease of integration – you can just add Content Server 4 to your existing content management and marketing solutions.
  • Support of standard formats – you can sell or lease your copy protected electronic books in PDF or standardized open EPUB format with reflow support.
  • Setting lending deadlines – you can set lending periods for your books. When this period expires, the content is returned to the issuer.
  • Support for desktop and mobile devices – the readers can manage their DRM protected books on Mac OS and Windows ®, and on mobile reader devices, such as the Sony Reader Digital Book.
  • Custom permissions– you can set individual permissions for printing and copying the e-books and specify their period of use including restrictions on the number of printouts and copies used over a time period.
  • Support for multi-channel distribution – you can distribute you content through several different online stores and libraries.
  • Enhanced security - Adobe Content Server 4 uses the latest content encryption technology.
  • Ease of administration - flexible control through the application programming interfaces (APIs) or a convenient administrative console.
Overview Adobe Content Server 4 provides a robust set of services with even more secure innovative packaging technology for unencrypted e-books, and PDF/EPUB support. Content Server has been purpose designed to integrate with the existing online shops, Web libraries and other resources at no need in substantial integration or development effort.