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Content Delivery


The content delivery service allows you to create a video platform of high performance without spending on equipment, software licenses, implementation and support services. The service employs the world-class CDN Limelight Networks infrastructure.

In some cases, designing and running of your own video platform might turn out to be less efficient. Typically, this applies to Web video publishers that do not consider video their main activity. Another case is a high-scale video service with a wide load fluctuation range (for example, occasional surges of traffic). In this case, your own video platform would be idle 99% of time and be overloaded at occasional peaks. Still, you’d have to pay for it the same money as if it was running all the time. For such cases, a perfect solution is to use a third-party video platform offered by a CDN service provider.

DENIVIP Media is a representative of Limelight Networks, a world level CDN provider. At the moment, Limelight Networks has no infrastructure in Russia, but it has established extensive peering relationships with major Russian operators to quickly deliver content to Russian users.

The benefit of CDN services is that they can substantially reduce initial investment. This way you can pay as you go for the actual computing power or traffic delivered.

Here are the benefits of CDN services:

  • No need to purchase hardware
  • No need to pay for Internet channels
  • No need to acquire software licenses (OS, media servers, etc.)
  • No spending on a costly payroll of video platform experts
  • “Pay as you go model” covering the actual video content delivered
  • Guaranteed content traffic delivered.