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Transcoding Farm


Our transcoding farm is an industrial automated system of content preparation, helping you to rapidly prepare a large amount of video content. It provides optimized video preparation tailored for specific devices, such as PCs, Mobiles, Tablets, TVs and STBs based on content metadata. It also optimizes the video to match specific content delivery technologies: Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Adobe RTMP/RTMPE.

As the popularity of online video content continuously grows, Web resources become increasingly aware of effective deployment of video content in their infrastructure. The need for content protection also imposes specific technical requirements on content preparation systems. HTTP Dynamic Streaming provides the highest video viewing experience, especially at low-quality downstream connection, but this additionally requires content segmentation. All of these processes are highly automatable.

If you have intense video content flow, effective preparation of hosted video files becomes highly important. Content transcoding farm is critical to how quickly new videos will be available to the users. The automated processing solution allows to exclude most manual video processing operations and automate all routine pre-publishing tasks. Moreover, in some cases, content processing logic should depend on the type of content and even on its owner. Using the transcoding farm, you can gain the following benefits:

Transcoding farm offers the following benefits:

  • Flexible scalability - you can add any number of transcoding agents anytime
  • Detailed video processing statistics
  • Manual control, e.g. when preparing master files
  • Flexible control of video profiles – video optimization for specific video devices: PC, Web, Mobile, Tablets, TV/STB
  • Integration with content protection systems: Adobe Flash Access 2.0, Windows Media DRM, Marlin DRM
  • Using of the industrial Rhozet Carbon transcoders and the open source ffmpeg transcoder
  • Adding of the custom logic of content processing – support of alerts from CMS and other systems, distribution of content across the data storage.

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