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Adobe Flash Access

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Adobe Flash Access is the most user-friendly Digital Rights Management system, requiring no installation of additional components. It can enable content distribution for the largest DRM-aware Western studios. By using Flash Access, you can provide video services to many Flash-enabled devices.

Currently, Flash is the main multimedia platform used by online projects around the globe. Flash is installed by the majority of Internet users. Almost transparently for the end viewers, Flash Player supports robust video content security features without any additional plugins needed. If user experience is critical to your project, Adobe Flash Access 2.0 is evidently your choice.

Flash gradually offers support for new devices and platforms. Many of the Android devices come with preinstalled Flash player. Many TV sets support Flash content in their applications. At the moment, there is no single multimedia platform covering all devices, but Flash is very close to becoming such as it can cover a maximum range of devices at a minimal effort.

You can implement content protection based on Adobe Flash Access 2 in just a few weeks. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the opportunities opened by Adobe Flash Access 2.0 in your projects.